Young artists from community showcase talent through colours


Melbourne: Young artists, most of them under the age of 12, from the Kalakshektra School of Fine Arts put up a fine exhibition showcasing their talent. The paintings ranged from sceneries to portraits to various themes.

Organised by Sethunath Prabhakar and team at Oakgrove Community Centre, Narrewarren, guests and viewers were in for a surprise as some of the exhibitors were between four years old to 54 years old too.  The enthusiasm was reflected in both age groups.

Prabhakar, himself an artist and known for painting 50 portraits of people who shaped the future of Australia titled Pride of Australia’ in 2015, said prior to the exhibition the young painters were curious as to whether people would be coming and watch their paintings in real interest. He had assured them, saying, “Why not.. if you dream about of the nature, the nature would touch you, it watches you through the people.”

MP Craig Ondarchie, leegendary dancer Tara Raj Rajkumar, were some of the guests at the exhibition.

Professionally, Prabhakar began his craft about 17 years ago. A self-taught artist, he started painting landscapes mainly using the medium of water colour initially. Later he turned to the medium of oil colour.  But it was after he completed a diploma from the prestigious School of Fine Arts, Baroda University, that he evolved as an artist. The education and training in the School of Fine Arts broadened his vision and horizon into more complex aspects of human life and society.

An important and recurring theme in his works is the relationship between nature and human beings. “Through my paintings I also attempt to explore the nuances involving religion and its interplay with society. Like all true artists I draw inspiration from tradition especially its parallel streams.”

Prabhakar said the painters, who were mostly his students at the Kalakshektra School of Fine Arts, which he runs, expressed his dreams on behalf of him through colours.