Wright says in Sanchez’s place, he would have left Arsenal


London, March 6: If he were in forward Alexis Sanchez’s position, former Arsenal striker Ian Wright says he would have left capital football club Arsenal.

A row with teammates further singed Sanchez’s reputation while leaving training mid-session prior to Saturday’s loss at Liverpool. As a result, the Chilean was dropped.

“It’s not looking good for Arsenal and him. I believe his agent is probably on the phone to people now,” Wright was quoted as saying to BBC Radio 5 live’s 606 programme on Sunday.

“These things happen. It’s when you’re united as a team that it doesn’t come out,” said Wright.

Sanchez has been in prolific form this season, scoring 17 goals and assisting one. Still, he has fallen out of favour with chief coach Arsene Wenger recently.

“It’s a shame simply because he is Arsenal’s best player. He is a player that Arsenal need desperately to be there,” said Wright.

“I’m not sure if money is going to keep him there at the moment because if he’s storming out of training and not playing in games… It doesn’t seem to be a problem for him when he does come on because he still performs to the best of his ability,” Wright said.

He added, “If I was him, I’d probably want to leave as well because what’s happening with Arsenal right now is not what he came to Arsenal for, especially not being in the top four. Everything points towards that he’s unsettled, he’s unhappy and it seems to me like he wants to go.”