Support free Sikh community kitchen


Melbourne: The Sikh Sangat in Cardinia Shire Council are seeking funding support for their project “Creating bridges: Free Sikh Community Kitchen” under Pick My Project initiative of the ALP Government.

The Sangat has submitted two proposals for ‘Pick my project’ funding aimed to promote community bonding. Sikh Gurdwaras are playing a cardinal role by supporting food banks around the globe where they are incessantly working towards feeding the hungry, helping the needy while building community bridges, a press release said.

cardinia sikhsThe Kitchen and langar hall proposal seeks to create a community place that fosters community engagement, helps the needy, nurtures harmony with nature, and develops a home for a spiritual retreat, the release said. Once established, the ‘open to all’ community kitchen will foster multi-cultural engagement, bring communities together to co-celebrate festivals, promote healthy living, create awareness about Indian and Sikh cultures, and educate kids on food security and wastages.

This project has also received a lot of support from environmental groups and experts, local politicians, community organisations, and other stakeholders.

Earlier, the Sikh temple on Officer Road was met with 24 objections from residents who opposed a “place of worship” in a green wedge zone, after which the matter was taken to VCAT. Active participation from the Sikh community in the region made these objectors change their mind and withdraw their case from VCAT.

Earlier in June, this was celebrated by hoisting the Sikh, Australian and Aboriginal flags.