Why Beijing bid for 2022 Winter Olympics

The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics, which turned out to be a great success, is hailed as a milestone in the global Olympic movement, Xinhua reported.

With Beijing on the final straight in the 2022 Winter Olympics race, China takes this as an added opportunity to make more contribution to the Olympic movement, the news agency said.

China has long been supporting the Olympic movement and understands the value of the movement. Besides the 2008 Summer Games, China has also hosted the Special Olympics and the Youth Olympics.

During the Nanjing Youth Olympics last year, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach spoke highly of the Chinese government’s work to develop the sports industry and commended China’s contribution to the Olympic Movement.

Xinhua said that the timing of Beijing’s 2022 bid could not be better, as it has arrived amidst the proliferation of winter sports in China.

The excitement of hosting the 2022 Games would also, according to Chinese President Xi Jinping, “inspire over 300 million Chinese to participate in winter sports”.

This means that the fervour, which has been building up in recent years, could transform winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and ice hockey into full-fledged national pastimes.

The IOC endeavours to promote the Olympic Spirit around the globe and sees sport as a platform to enhance world peace and sustainable development.

Among IOC’s 40 resolutions, attempts to reduce the cost of bidding for and hosting the Games are the most eye-catching. The reforms also include a call for sustainability in all aspects of the Olympic Games and expect candidate cities to present a project that fits their sporting, economic, social and environmental needs.

Since the inception of Beijing 2022 campaign, the Chinese capital has been promoting and practising its bid concepts of hosting a ‘athlete-centered, sustainable and economical’ Winter Games, which fully comply with IOC’s reforms.

The IOC is convinced that China has set a good example in promoting economic and social development through the hosting of the 2008 Summer Games and 2014 Youth Games.

Beijing has promised to deliver a successful Winter Games if it wins the 2022 bid. (IANS)