China Interested in Cooperation with Russia on Arctic Station Project

China interested in cooperation with Russia on Arctic Station Project

Moscow, May 13: Beijing, following Seoul, is showing interest in participation in the structure of the venture to assemble the Snowflake International Arctic Station project, Nikolai Korchunov, diplomat everywhere of the Russian Foreign Ministry, senior authority of the Arctic Council from Russia, told Sputnik.

“China has effectively reported that it is prepared to join, is showing interest in the undertaking, including the stockpile of hardware,” Korchunov said. He said South Korea has effectively concluded that it will partake in the development.

In November 2020, Korchunov declared that Seoul is making an asset to work with Russia in hydrogen energy industry, and work on the Snowflake station could turn into the primary task of the asset.

The Snowflake global Arctic Station should turn into a completely independent without diesel office controlled by sustainable power sources and hydrogen fuel. The station will comprise of a few arch sort structures associated by sections. The area of the structures from above looks like a snowflake, which is the reason the station project got this name.