Azerbaijan Detained 6 Armenian soldiers at Border, After Attempt to Cross Border

Azerbaijan detained 6 Armenian soldiers at border, after attempt to cross border

Baku, May 27: The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry wrote about Thursday another boundary incitement by the Armenian military, taking note that six Armenian Soldiers were caught.

“On May 27, at around 3 a.m. [23:00 GMT], a surveillance and harm gathering of the Armenian Soldiers made an endeavor to cross the Armenian-Azerbaijani line toward the Yukhari Ayrim settlement in the Kalbajar region,” the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said in an explanation. Six Armenian servicemen were incapacitated and taken prisoner, the Azerbaijani military proceeded to say.

“Toward the beginning of the day, we saw a few military vehicles of the Armenian military at the line, including tanks. Because of the actions that we executed, their development was halted. The circumstance in this space is leveled out of our units,” the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry added.