Afghanistan Tops World Terrorism Index

Afghanistan tops World Terrorism Index

Kabul: The Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) in its annual World Terrorism Index placed Afghanistan as the most-affected country on earth, imposing devastating loss to the country’s economy, the media reported on Sunday.

According to the report released on Saturday, in 2019, deaths from terrorism fell for the fifth consecutive year, after peaking in 2014, Khaama Press reported.

“The total number of deaths fell by 15.5 percent to 13,826.

“Afghanistan was the country with the highest economic impact, equivalent to 16.7 per cent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” said the report.

Out of 20 deadly terrorist attacks worldwide in 2019, at least six were recorded in Afghanistan.

While security threats remain high in Afghanistan, the IEP described the Taliban as one of the most deadly groups on earth.

“Afghanistan accounted for 41 per cent of deaths from terrorism globally, with the Taliban being responsible for 87 per cent of these fatalities.

“The Taliban remained the world’s deadliest terrorist group in 2019. However, terrorist deaths attributed to the group declined by 18 per cent to 4,990.

“Whether the peace talks in Afghanistan have a substantial impact on terrorist activity remains to be seen,” the report added.