Washington State University students to build Trump-inspired wall

Washington: Students at Washington State University were seeking to build a Donald Trump-inspired wall in support of the Republican presidential candidate and his stance on immigration.

“I think it’s going to be a good event,” Politico reported on Sep 10 citing James Allsup, president of the university’s College Republicans chapter as saying.

“Hopefully people will come out and get informed, and we can have a dialogue about the issues. I’m expecting a wide range of feedback,” Allsup said.

The group has requested approval from university officials and hope to have the wall built by October.

The university, which is in Pullman, Washington, would be the second school to hold such a demonstration in the state. Trump supporters at the University of Washington erected a plywood wall at the Seattle campus, Politico reported.

Some students said they disapprove of the demonstration.

“As a Latino student, it’s disappointing to see that some of my peers want to do something like this and put other students in an uncomfortable situation,” Eduardo Ramos, a sophomore and member of the Latino student group MEChA told the Spokesman-Review.

“When you do something bold like this … even some people who agree will shy away because they know it will impact them in the future.”

Allsup said the demonstration is not about race.

Immigration has become a large part of Trump’s campaign, and the Republican candidate gave a speech on the policy stance last month, the same day he met with Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Trump maintains the US will still build a wall, and that Mexico will pay for it despite Mexican officials insisting the country will not, Politico added. (Agencies)