US may soon allow laptops, liquids in carry-on bags


Washington: Passengers might be allowed to keep liquids and laptops in their carry-on bags at airport security checkpoints in the US if screening technology being tested at select airports is widely adopted.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced plans on Monday to test computed tomography (CT) scanners for carry-on bags, with up to 40 units expected to be in place at US airports by the year end, reports CNN.

The X-ray scanning equipment creates 3D images that can be analysed on three axes for explosives and other threats. The CT technology is similar to that used for medical imaging.

Current screening machines for carry-on bags generate 2D images.

“Use of CT technology substantially improves TSA’s threat detection capability at the checkpoint,” said TSA Administrator David Pekoske in a statement.

CT technology testing started in 2017 at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport and Boston’s Logan International Airport.

New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport has also received a scanner.

London’s Heathrow is among international airports testing the 3D technology.