Trump’s lewd comments on women likely to be questioned


Washington, Oct 10: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton will be expected to answer questions about Trump’s recently disclosed lewd comments about women at the very beginning of their second presidential debate.

During the 90-minute town hall debate on Sunday night, in which both Trump and Clinton would answer questions from a group of 40 undecided voters and follow-up questions from two moderators from CNN and ABC, both candidates would be prompted to address Trump’s lewd and sexually aggressive comments about women in 2005, Xinhua reported citing CNN.

An early coin toss by the Commission on Presidential Debates had determined that Clinton would be the first one to answer questions.

In a leaked audio clip recorded in 2005, Trump made lewd remarks about an unidentified married woman he hoped to have sex with, boasted about how easy it is to attract women with his celebrity status and even talked about groping women.

“When you’re a star, women let you do anything,” he was recorded as saying.

The New York billionaire later apologized for the “locker room banter” in the audio, but claimed that his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, “has said far worse to me on the golf course — not even close.” (IANS)