Syria’s Assad visits frontline area in Eastern Ghouta


Damascus, March 19: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday visited a frontline area in Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta area, meeting with soldiers and civilians as well, where the Syrian army is advancing against the rebels.

The media office of the Syrian army published two photos, in which Assad appeared surrounded by soldiers with a caption reading “on the frontline in Eastern Ghouta, President Assad is with the heroes of the Syrian army.”

The report did not divulge the exact location Assad has visited but said it was in the “depth of Ghouta”, reports Xinhua.

“Every bullet you have fired to kill a terrorist, you were changing the balance of the world, and every tank driver advancing a meter forward, he was changing the political map of the world,” Assad was quoted as saying.

The President added, “We congratulate all the Syrians with this victory and we are proud of every hero of the Syrian army.”

Assad also met with civilians from Eastern Ghouta who have recently fled rebel-held areas, with a video footage aired on TV, showing him speaking with cheering crowds.

The President told the crowds of people that the duty of the Syrian army is to protect them.

The rare visit, which apparently aimed to showcase confidence and victory, comes as the Syrian forces are making strides in the battles against various rebel groups in Eastern Ghouta.