Support for migrant workers and international students


Melbourne: Migrant workers and international students will be better supported and protected with the official opening of the Migrant Workers Centre.

Minister for Multicultural Affairs Robin Scott opened the Centre on Tuesday, which will deliver a range of services to support people who recently arrived in Victoria and are more vulnerable to exploitation in their employment, an official press release said.

The Andrews Labor Government provided $2.3M over two years to establish the Centre – the first of its kind in Australia.

The new Centre will:
• advocate for the rights of migrant workers and international students
• provide education and information to migrant workers and international students about their rights, proper wages and safe working conditions
• provide case management support and referrals to help workers to seek redress for exploitation, including recovery of wages

The Centre will act on behalf of individuals and communities affected by exploitation and discrimination in the workplace.

The work of the Centre will be complimented by the $300,000 Multicultural Safety Ambassadors Program, which will recruit individuals from multicultural communities to promote safe workplace practices.

The Ambassadors Program will support existing Victorian and Commonwealth government legal and regulatory measures to ensure safe workplaces.