Russia launches mass production of Su-57 fighters


Moscow: Russia’s Sukhoi Aircraft Company has started the mass production of Su-57 fighters under a contract for the delivery of the fighter jets to Russia’s aerospace force, authorities have said.

The Sukhoi Aircraft Company released a brochure which indicated that the Russian Defense Ministry has signed a contact with the company for the supply of over 76 Su-57 aircraft, reported Xinhua news agency.

“A state contract was signed at the Army 2019 international arms exhibition between the Defence Ministry of Russia and the Sukhoi Company for the delivery of a batch of Su-57 fifth generation fighter jets,” reported the TASS news agency quoting a statement of the office of Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov. 

“The Sukhoi has started to fulfil its contractual obligations.”

The fifth-generation stealth Su-57, formerly known as T-50, is a single-seat twin-engine jet featuring super maneuverability and supersonic flight capability.

After having made its maiden flight in January 2010, the Su-57 completed its first test flight with a new-generation engine in December 2017.