Now, a spoon to click selfies

Now, a spoon to click selfies

Ever fancied clicking a selfie while eating breakfast? Well, you can do that easily now thanks to a new “selfie spoon”.

Introduced by Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the “selfie spoon” is a stick with a spoon at the end that extends up to 30 inches so cereal eaters can take photos of themselves while eating cereal, TIME reported.

The General Mills brand created this new spin on the selfie stick to solve the first world problem of “choosing between eating and posting” a selfie, according to their ad.

To use the selfie spoon, people would just have to turn on the Bluetooth feature on their smartphones so the white remote will be recognized — there is one grey button that takes photos on Android phones, and one that takes photos on iOS devices.

Selfie spoons are free to order now on, though customers do have to pay for shipping. (AGENCIES)