New Zealand politician’s Twitter slip-up raises laughs


Wellington, May 28: New Zealand politician Winston Peters became a laughing stock on the internet after he mistakenly typed his name in Twitter’s “compose tweet” box instead of “search” box, thus, revealing his search habits.

“Tweets on Winston Peters NZ politician”, he tweeted.

According to a report in the NewsHub on Saturday, Peters had taken to Twitter to search for his name but confusing the compose tweet box with search box, his name remained posted on his wall for two hours before it was deleted.

The slip-up was akin to British politcian Edward Michael Balls who made the same mistake in 2011 by typing his own name “Ed Balls” in “compose tweet box” instead of search box.

Balls’ tweet garnered thousands of likes and retweets and has not been deleted so far. Also, every year on April 28, the post gets retweeted by his followers.

Balls has even sent a signed print of the tweet to a fundraiser auction.