New app to identify bird from its chirp

New app to identify bird from its chirp

Scientists have designed a smartphone app that recognises the calls of several commonly found birds.

The app can be of particular interest to bird watchers and may inspire many more people to take up the hobby, its founder said.

The app, called Warblr, has more than 200 birds on its database and uses information from the British Trust for Ornithology.

The user simply points their phone in the direction of any bird song they like the sound of.

The app then records a short burst of it and produces a list of possible birds, ranked in order of likelihood. It is said to be up to 95 percent accurate.

“Most people can’t tell the difference between the song of a blackbird, robin and chaffinch. It’s something I’ve always struggled with myself, which is why I felt there was need for this app,” Warblr co-founder Florence Wilkinson, a marketing consultant from London, was quoted as saying.The app is available for download and can be purchased for 3.99 pounds.(IANS)