Melbourne restaurant fires staffer who issued receipt with racial slur


Melbourne, May 13: A staff member from a restaurant in Australia’s Melbourne city has been fired after issuing a receipt to a black man with a racial slur, the media reported on Saturday.

On Friday, Rutendo Ruth Muchinguri posted a photo on Facebook of the receipt her husband Nicholas received from the Burger Project restaurant, owned by celebrity chef Neil Perry’s Rockpool Dining Group, the Guardian reported.

“It is so disappointing that in a place where my husband spent his hard earned money, he received this sort of disgracefully discriminatory treatment. It’s exhausting that in 2017, in a modern and multicultural society some of your staff remain insensitive.” The employee had scribbled the ‘N’ word on the bill.

A company spokesperson told the Guardian Australia on Saturday they were “disappointed and saddened that Nicholas Muchinguri was treated in this manner by one of our employees.”

“It is not behaviour or language that we support or condone in any way and does not reflect the values or culture of our business,” he added.

“Neil reached out to Nicholas directly this morning and apologised personally, conveying his deep disappointment that this occurred.”