Marking Anzac Centenary

AnzacMelbourne: The State Government of Victoria is marking the Centenary of the First World War with an Anzac Centenary program composed of commemorative services and events spanning four years (2014 – 2018). The theme of Victoria’s Anzac Centenary program is ‘Sharing Victoria’s Stories and Making Connections’.

The Victorian Anzac Centenary program aims to support community involvement in commemoration by encouraging Victorians to explore their connections with the First World War and ensuring that all Victorians have an opportunity to develop their understanding of Victoria’s role in the First World War.

The next major commemorative event on 25 April 2015, ANZAC Day, will mark the 100 year anniversary of Australian and New Zealand forces landings at Gallipoli.

To reach Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse community, the Victorian Government has produced a web page and poster in 19 different languages as part of the ‘Who Will You Remember?’ campaign. (TIW)