Frankston Muslim Imam to organize BBQ for mosque attackers

Melbourne: The Ahmadiyya Muslim mosque in Frankston was the target of a vicious attack few weeks ago but in what is seen as a move towards establishing communal harmony, the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Association centre in Langwarrin said he wished no punishment for the attackers except them coming to break bread with them at the mosque.
When the Frankston Police arrested the teenage attackers and asked if the Ahmadiyya Muslim community wanted to lay any criminal charges against the attackers, the Imam of the mosque, after consultation with the member who got brutally injured, told police that they did not any criminal charge against the attackers. However, they wanted that the attackers all come to the mosque and break bread with them.
Only few days back the local police officers brought the father of the teen involved in the attack and everyone dined together and had a great time, a mosque official said. The father was completely blown away by the response from the mosque and said he was not expecting anything like this particularly from a Muslim community. He assured that his kid will never ever do any such thing again.
The Imam said he will organize a BBQ for the teens involved in the attack and “our Muslim youth will befriend them and we will make sure that no one from our association stigmatize these kids because of this attack. Rather everyone will welcome them to the mosque.”
He said, “Our doors are always open for neighbours and for public so no one should jump the walls and feel threatened. Just ring the bell, walk in and you would be welcomed like a member of the mosque.”
Razzaque who got injured in the attack was also present in the lunch and he said, “I don’t have anything against anyone in my heart and all I will say is ‘Love for all, hatred for none’.