Bonalu celebrations in Melbourne

Bonalu celebrations in Melbourne

Residents of Telangana celebrated the Bonalu festival in Melbourne recently. The celebration represents Telangana’s unique and special cultural heritage that local non-resident Indians carry in their hearts and minds.
Despite the wintery, windy cold morning, the attendance was impressive exemplifying the devotion and love that people of Telegana have with their heritage.
Bonam means Bojanam or a meal in Telugu, and is an offering to Mother Goddess. In keeping with tradition, members of the organising committee beautifully crafted the“Durga matha thottela”. Bonams were presented to Durga Matha with all the traditional welcoming of songs and dances.
After all the processions and bhajans by devotees, lunch which was being cooked next door in the temple’s kitchen was served. Impressive kitchen facilities and dedicated volunteers made it look very easy. For many volunteers it was a journey down the memory lane as they served devotees sitting on the floor mats just like marriages back home in the olden days. It was agreat spiritual experience and great fun day out at the Durga temple. (TIW)