Indians among 30,000 nurses in Britain facing expulsion

As many as 30,000 overseas nurses will be facing the axe under British Prime Minister David Cameron’s new immigration laws.

According to Cameron’s new immigration laws, workers recruited from outside of the European Union (EU) since 2011 and earning less than 35,000 pounds annually ($55,503) even after six years of employment will have to return home. The laws will be enforced from 2017.

Indian staff nurse, Sandeep Duggani, 29, is also a victim of the new immigration laws, the Mirror online reported.
Duggani, who started working in an Intensive Care Unit at the National Health Services (NHS) in 2011, gets 25,000 pounds annually. Sandeep did a nursing degree in Belgaum city, in the Indian state of Karnataka, and will be on his way home in 2017.

His wife Pratika, also a qualified nurse from India, is just starting her NHS career and would be hit by the new rules in 2021.

He said it would be impossible to increase his pay to 35,000 pounds before the cut-off date. (IANS)