How many apps do you actually use?

How many apps do you actually use?

Of the dozens of apps that you have already downloaded on your smartphone, how many do you use regularly? It’s actually fewer than you realise, a new study suggest.

Smartphone owners in the US only use about three apps frequently, Fortune cited the study by internet analytics company com Score as revealing.

According to the study, the average American devotes about half their app time to a single app.

The second-most used app gets about 18 percent of total app time, and the third most-used one gets 10 percent of the time.

Combined these three programmes total 80 percent of total app time.

For most people, that most-used app is Facebook. The social network dwarfs other apps in terms of user base, attracting 126 million users per month in the US.

The second-most popular app generally is YouTube with 99 million users.

Facebook Messenger, which is now required to get the full functionality out of the flagship Facebook app, is third with 96 million users. (AGENCIES)