Ex Aussie MP Farmer running for female education in India


Multiple world record holder and ultra-marathon runner, Patrick Farmer has entered the last leg of his fund-raising run through India. After running 80 kilometres a day for 48 days straight, he finally reached Delhi’s iconic India Gate with a convoy of supporters in tow, media reports said.

Pat is currently running the length of India until the end of March and is expected to finish in Kanyakumari, according to his website. He will be supported by a core team of four people. Katie Walsh who is his trainer and crew manager, her right-hand man Josh Cordoba who is part of the support team, the medical director Dr Joseph Grace and the writer/photographer Kevin Nguyen.

A film crew led by director Anupam Sharma will also be following Pat every step of his journey and bring his epic journey to the big screen. The Spirit of India run commenced on January 26.

The former Member of Parliament is hoping to raise $100,000 for girls’ education in India, where female school dropout levels remain high.

Battling through traffic congestion, humidity and pollution, Pat suffered severe dehydration, muscle meltdown and heat exhaustion, SBS reported.

But with the nation behind him, he’s showing no signs of giving up.

“There have been enormous crowds, as you can imagine in a country of 12 billion people. I’ve been joined by so many people, from elite athletes to elderly people, to young children in schools, he said.

“There are many days where I think I don’t have the energy to go on, that’s why I’m doing this run. I think of the children’s faces here in front of me, I think of the people of India and Spirit of India and that gives me the strength to keep pushing on.”

His journey so far has been embraced by Indian’s across all castes, from small communities and villages, to the highest levels of government.

“I’m just an ordinary human being and if I can run the length of this country, 4600 kilometres without a day off , you can do anything you set your mind to as well,” SBS quoted him as saying. (TIW)