Indian ‘peeping Tom’ jailed in Dubai

An Indian worker in Dubai, accused of watching a woman using a washroom in a mosque, was convicted of molestation and sentenced to three months in jail on June 22.

A Dubai court also ordered that the 26-year-old be deported on completion of his sentence, the Khaleej Times reported.

The worker claimed that he entered the washroom to clean its walls and fan.

The complainant, a 47-year-old Saudi translator, told the prosecutor that the incident occurred on March 11.

“I passed by a worker and saw him watering the plants in the yard. Shortly after I entered the cubicle, I smelt an odour of sweat. It lasted for four to five minutes,” she said.
According to the woman, nobody else had entered the washroom and when she turned around, she saw the worker was watching her.

The worker’s supervisor said that he was allowed to enter the women’s washroom at a specific time during the day to clean it. (Agencies)