How Budhlada climbed up the retail ladder

Melbourne: Munish Bansal Budhlada is the recipient of the 5-Star Retail Manager Award of the year 2015 at the IGA international conference in Gold Coast and best IGA Retail manager of Victoria State for 2015.
After receiving the award, Budhlada said Australia is a land of opportunity, giving chance to everyone to perform. Recalling his journey to Australia, he said he migrated 10 years ago with no knowledge of English and a few dollars in his pocket. He lost the only address he had at the Melbourne airport, but never lost confidence.
Sitting in the waiting area, he started to think what he should do next. Luckily one person from Punjab found the address and dropped him off at his friend’s house in Glenroy. “From the very first day I realized that I can’t run from speaking English. So, I joined AMES the institute that teaches English.”
After finishing the three-month course from AMES Flagstaff, he got a job at Coles Richmond as a casual team member.
In his first month of work he selected one department to perform his best. He finished over 100+ Coles online learning certificates in his first six months of work, those were not mandatory .
Then the company promoted him as an assistant manager and next as manager. He won many prizes in his Coles career.
He thinks that his best reward was the e-mail from national manager of Coles, Alex for the best audit report nationally.
Now he is working with IGA Champions Whittlesea in Victoria since October 2012 when it first opened.
Again, he finished the all RETA certificates (Retail Excellence and Training Academy for IGA).
Now he knows that small town’s people’s names, choices and preferences.
Last X-MAS he received many cards and flowers from customers. He has also won prizes from different companies such as a trip to Queensland from Lion Group for best merchandise manager for Victoria State, best sales driven manager from Casella Group, Accolade Group and Brown Forman Australia.
Finally this year he received best Retail manager for Victoria State for year 2015.