App to connect fitness trainers with clients

App to connect fitness trainers with clients

In the crowded fitness apps market, here comes one that connects personal trainers to their clients.

The app, developed by Finnish company Motivade, compiles clients’ training data and helps personal trainers find clients and monitor their progress.

The app is both a tool for communication between the trainee and trainer.

“There are 1.9 billion overweight people in the world right now, and they need to start moving,” Motivade promoter Jarkko Autio said.

“The main focus is on the personal trainers, since they are the paying customers of the service,” Autio said.

Through the app, which comes with a fee, personal trainers can create workout programmes themselves and invoice their clients for their services.

The price is not affected by the number of clients. The personal trainer pays a monthly fee for the app.

“It’s mainly personal trainers who need it for communication,” Autio explained.

For example, Tuukka Linjala, who started as a personal trainer in 2008, used to draw up training programmes only on paper and in traditional computer files.

He had a lot of clients and he had to find time to discuss their progress with each of them. At the same time, he had to remember who had osteoarthritis and who had undergone a knee operation.

“I can now see all of my clients in the same view and create weekly plans for them directly in Motivade. I receive all the information about their workouts in real time and I can give them feedback at the same time,” Linjala was quoted as saying.

Clients benefit from the free service, as they can see their progress in Motivade.(AGENCIES)