Madhwa Navami celebrations at Hampton Park

Melbourne: With the grace of Sri Hari, Vayu, Gurugalu and the blessings of His Holiness Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji, Madhwa Navami was celebrated in a grand scale at The Function Centre, 35 Somerville Road, Hampton Park.

A large number of devotees attended the event which was a success thanks to all the voulnteers and organisers who worked tireless with dedication and involvement.

Sri Krishna Brundavana is the first priest house in Australia where devotees of Sri Raghavendra Swamy can offer prayers and seva to the Guru and worship Lord Sri Krishna and Sri Anjaneya Swamy.

The priest house conducts pooja thrice every day to Sri Krishna, Sri Anjaneya and Sri Raghavendra Swamy following the rich traditions of Sri Puthighe Matha, Udupi. Theertha prasada (food) is distributed to devotees twice daily.

The aim of Sri Krishna Brundavana is to bring all devotees of Sri Krishna, Sri Anjaneya and Sri Raghavendra Swamy together to perform seva to the deities and guru and participate as a group in stotra chanting, bhajans and other spiritual activities and services. (TIW)