Socks which can replace your shoes

Socks which can replace your shoes

You would not need shoes after wearing these socks! Made from a super-strong fabric called Dyneema, the pair is designed to be sports socks-cum-shoes.

Dyneema is used by rock climbers in their ropes and slings, and is 15 times stronger than steel.

The FYF (which stands for Free Your Feet) have been treated to make them resistant to water, while the soles are studded with rubber dots to provide grip on any surface.

They have been designed to help protect athlete’s feet during a range of sports including running, surfing, diving and even slackline walking.

“We wanted to create a product that helped athletes regain a natural barefoot feeling within their favourite sport,” footwear developer Dieter Hesch was quoted as saying.

The company claimed Dyneema makes the socks highly resistant to tearing and abrasion while still remaining comfortable.

“There are many sports where you would like to be barefoot but the risks of being injured are too high so you don’t do it,” he said.

The company claimed to have tested the socks in a range of sports including rock climbing, surfing, kitesurfing, diving, running and beach volleyball.

“The experience comes as close to going barefoot as possible, but protects the foot from cuts and dirt,” Hesch said.

The pair is likely to cost $80 each when they go on sale.(AGENCIES)