Foldable and waterproof Google Glass soon

Foldable and waterproof Google Glass soon

If you still have a dream to own the eye-wearable device Google Glass, wait for its smarter version that is foldable and more durable, media reported.

The “Entreprise Edition” of Google Glass 2.0 will be water-resistant with a more rugged design, reported.

The new rugged design is “built to withstand normal drops and bumps” and will also have “fewer openings and tighter buttons to close off areas where liquid could otherwise seep into the device”.

Expected to be ideal for the workplace, Google has tweaked the eye wearable device’s visual aesthetic to better fit in a factory or a hospital than on a runway. It is practical and industrial with a focus on function over fashion.

“The Enterprise Edition includes a larger prism display for a better viewing experience, an Intel Atom processor that brings better performance, moderately improved battery life and better heat management,” the report added.

The ‘Explorer Edition” of Google Glass was launched as a beta product in 2013. The company invited a select group of “Explorers” to purchase Glass for $1,500.Google discontinued the eye wearable device earlier this year. (AGENCIES)