Married? Have a crush to boost desire for your partner

Married? Have a crush to boost desire for your partner

Are you in a serious relationship and harbouring a crush on someone else too? Well, this may actually boost your desire for the current partner.

According to an interesting survey, 70 percent women in the US reported that having an outside crush actually improved their desire resulting in a better life with their long-term partner.

A majority of the women surveyed said their crushes were on colleagues at the work place, reported, a website for the millennials (those born after 1980).

The survey by researchers from Columbia University, Indiana University and the University of Kentucky-Lexington, analysed responses from 160 women aged between 19 to 56.

Most of the women were either married or in long-term relationships with men.

“The majority of women reported the crush did not impact their relationship,” the researchers noted.

The results also revealed that most women kept their crushes secret from their partner.
“Participants also reported that these crushes improved their desire for their partner,” they added.

The women who reported improvements in sexual desire acknowledged that they tended to “funnel” the desire for their crush into their encounters with the long-term partners.