Why do we close our eyes while kissing?


Scientists have deduced the possible reason humans tend to close their eyes while kissing. A study analysed how visual stimuli can interfere with the senses. Researchers at a British University had 16 volunteers simultaneously perform a task of varying levels of difficulty. At the same time, they were tasked with reacting to the presence or absence of a short vibration to their right or left hand. Participants’ sensitivity to the tactile stimulus was more reduced among those who had the more taxing visual search task.

“It was already known that increasing the demands of a visual task could reduce noticing of visual and auditory stimuli,” study author Dr Sandra Murphy. “Our research extends this finding to the sense of touch.” Another researcher Polly Dal ton, said her team’s findings could also explain why people like to close their eyes while kissing. She said, “Our research found that engaging in a more demanding visual task reduced people’s sensitivity to tactile sensations. This does imply that reducing visual demands (for example, by shutting your eyes) can improve tactile awareness, and this could be one of the reasons that people shut their eyes when kissing.”