Quick tips for an organised home


Keeping your home clean and organised always is not as difficult as it seems. Just follow a simple routine to eliminate scope for clutter, says an expert.

Yukta Mathur, editor of online furniture shopping platform housefull.com, shares some tips to keep your home looking tidy every day.

* Say ‘no’ to only weekend cleaning: It’s a common habit to wait for Saturday or Sunday for household chores. But this habit only leads to a messier week. It’s not easy to clean everything every day, but chalk out a routine where you finish off some work on each day of the week.

* Organise your washroom: If your washroom is well-arranged, it looks better and you feel like keeping it that way regularly. Arrangement of bottles of shampoo and shower gel, toothpaste, and other toiletries after your bathing routine, is the perfect tip to keeping everything looking immaculate. Don’t forget to use a floor wiper and stowing away your used clothes in the laundry bag for a stench-free washroom.

* Box the small clutter: There are usually a lot of small things lying around such as keys, remote, and sticky notepads. Allocate small containers or boxes for stocking all this stuff. This also holds true for toys and play stuff. It’s a simple practice but you will see how much difference it makes.

* Keep smelly stuff out: Make sure that you keep your trash outside before leaving for work every day to ensure that you are welcomed to a smell-free house. Also, keep your shoes outside or somewhere in the open (as in a balcony or backyard) as they can bring in a lot of dirt and stench.