Eating same lunch at same place everyday? Think again


Call it the crazy work hours or limited food outlets, eating same lunch from same place everyday can take a toll on your body.

Here’s how it can affect you, as reported by

* Too much of the bad stuff: If you’re a fan of the ‘meal-deal’, choosing a sandwich and crisps every day, you are probably eating more fat and salt than you need. Excess saturated fat and salt can lead to heart disease in the long term. Throw in a fizzy drink or juice as well and that could be on average 10 teaspoons of sugar that you really don’t need everyday. Diets high in refined sugars can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes.

* Lacking in protein: Even if you choose salads, they are usually low in protein. Most shop-bought salads contain very little of the ‘expensive’ ingredients and a lot of cheaper lettuce. We need enough protein to feel satisfied. If you find that you need a snack at 3 p.m., then your lunch hasn’t given you what you need.

* Tummy troubles: If you buy lunch from the same outlet day after day, it is unlikely to give you enough variation in your diet to keep your gut happy. Eating a wider variety of fresh, unprocessed foods helps to cultivate rich and diverse gut microbes. This can help you to avoid heart attacks, fight off infections, reduce allergies and stay slim. These helpful bugs also stop you from getting bloated and uncomfortable after you eat.

* Time for a change: Why not take some time this lunch break and explore what else is out there?