Easy fixes for wrong makeup

Easy fixes for wrong makeup

Extra shine on face or no time to shape eye brows? Groom yourself in no time by opting for these easy beauty fixes.
Chapped lips: One needs to exfoliate the lips often, especially if they are dry .Quickly exfoliate using a mild scrub at home or make your own scrub using honey and sugar crystals.
Oily skin or too much shine:
Use a matte finish compact that usually comes with a powder puff. Dab on the face.
Dry and dull face:
Use a lipstick and add gloss to instantly boost the radiance of your face.
Ungroomed brows:
Use a brown eye pencil or a brown eye shadow with an angular brush to make your eyebrows look thick and neat.
To make your lipstick stay longer:
Always apply a little foundation or compact on lips before applying lip colour.
Too much foundation:
Take a damp sponge and gently dab on to your face, especially under eyes, lip areas, etc, to help it blend in and remove the excess.
Too much eye shadow or bad blending:
Take a fluffy blending brush to soften the edges of your eye shadow. If there are strong lines, gently use your finger tips to soften the edges before using the fluffy brush.
Clumpy mascara:
Use a clean mascara wand to remove excess mascara. Use a little wiggle movement with this brush, for non-water proof mascara you can slightly wet the brush to make it come off easily.
Creasing around undereyes and lip area:
To correct this, use a damp sponge to hydrate the skin first and then using a powder puff, add some compact to make it settle between the lines for a smoother look.
Too much or patchy blush:
Move the brush in small circular motions without any more colour to soft-blend the blush.