Popular MasterChef Mehigan heading back to India soon


Melbourne, May 7: Popular MasterChef Australia judge Gary Mehigan, a fan of Indian food, is set to visit India again.

Mehigan posted a video in which one can see a dish being prepared.

He captioned the video which he shared on social media on Sunday: “Heading back to India very soon for World on a Plate. Got me thinking about all that delicious food! Can’t wait. India, love India, Indian food, delicious, curry, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi.”

World on a Plate India is an international food festival which will take place in Bengaluru and Mumbai soon.

He also shared a photo of Mumbai Dabbawalas, who deliver home-cooked food to office-goers — all with the help of some coding they scribble on the boxes.

The chef, who has been to India a couple of times, had earlier said that he grew up “in the UK, so grew up eating lots of Indian food. But going to India, I realised how one-dimensional the Indian food being offered in the UK was”.