Workout beauty regime for healthy skin, hair

Workout beauty regime for healthy skin, hair

Working out makes you healthier and happier in the long run. But your fitness routine could be damaging your skin and hair! Know what to do before, while and after workout to make your skin look radiant and hair healthy.

Delhi based dermatologist Kiran Lohia recommends a few tips for keeping you gorgeous during your fitness regime:

* Pre-workout: Before a workout, it is vital to prep in some simple ways. First of all, wear a deodorant. By wearing such anti-sweating products you can prevent a multitude of problems that can erupt when you sweat too much in those extra-friction areas. Too much sweat in the underarms can result in excessive odour.

Another problem is that the risk of a fungal infection goes up significantly as fungus likes wet and dark places.

If you are a swimmer, then most of you feel that your skin gets especially dry after your water workout. This is because chlorine is extremely drying for the skin. To protect your epidermis, apply a barrier ointment like Vaseline before swimming. It will prevent the excessive dryness and keep your skin moist.

For those of you who hate getting frizzy hair from your workouts, there is a solution for you too! Spritz some dry shampoo around your hairline to keep the grease and sweat from seeping into your pores and into your hair.

* During workout: Do not wear make-up during workout. It will block your pores and will result in pimples in the long-run. If there is make-up on top of your skin, you are not letting the sweat out, thereby blocking your already taxed pores.

For your hair, it is vital that sweat doesn’t get it wet. Tie up your hair and keep it away from your face. Finally, wear a headband or head cover for extra sweat protection.

For your internal balance, make sure you drink enough water. Getting dehydrated will only give you dry lips and skin.

* After workout: Always remember to wash your face immediately after your workout. Allowing the sweat to sit on the skin is a recipe for disaster. Also, change your clothes so that the sweat doesn’t accumulate on your body, putting you at risk for fungal infections and heat rash. (AGENCIES)