Men too use home remedies for fairer skin


Who says only women make use of home remedies for various skin-related issues? Men do it too, reveals a survey.

The survey, by — an online platform for beauty and grooming services, saw participation from 504 men aged between 25 to 50. As many as 36 per cent of them — especially from Mumbai and Pune — said they depend on home remedies for issues related to skin, especially their face.

The market may be flooded with a range of fancy grooming products, but men limit their usage to only face washes and sunscreen lotions, the survey said. This was supported by the fact that only 3 to 10 per cent of the respondents agreed to using face packs or masks and scrubs.

While most women in showbiz are shown to prefer men who are bare-chested and waxed, men in reality do not really believe in shaving or trimming. Only 14 per cent men said that they trim or wax body hair.

“This is a really interesting finding, since mostly it’s only women who are known to look for home-remedy tutorials online for their beauty-related concerns. It was this survey that brought forth the fact that more and more men opt for home remedies too when it comes to clearing complexion or to get fairer skin,” Richa Singh, said.