Modi’s photo with toddler goes viral

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday treated his Instagram followers with pictures of him playing with a toddler in his arms. The picture went viral in seconds.

Modi uploaded two photos of the toddler — the first showing Modi looking like a doting grand-dad as the baby played in his arms, while in the other the “mystery” kid was sitting on his lap and peering into papers kept on the Prime Minister’s desk. 

“A very special friend came to meet me in Parliament today,” was the caption on the images on the official Instagram account of the Prime Minister. There was a pack of crayons and large bar of chocolate on the table that the infant seemed to be drooling over.

Later in the evening, the baby was identified as Rudrakshi – the grand-daughter of BJP Rajya Sabha MP and former Union Minister Satyanarayan Jatiya.