Sonita Singh has a unique capability of connecting with people who have passed. She calls it her gift to empower people.
Sonita Singh was about five-years old when she started “seeing a lot of things”. Some of her early memories are of waking up in the middle of the night to see this little clown dancing his way up the stairs in her house. At another time, she was playing with cars with her brother when suddenly she ran to her mother crying. When asked what had happened, Sonita blabbered: “The family all died in the car, they are not here anymore”. The more she saw things, the more she became frozen.
The childhood years were fraught with fear. “I had an incredible fear of going to sleep at night. My belief was that if you went to sleep you would never wake up. That was also because of my ability to communicate with people who had passed. As a young child it terrified me, more so because my family were very Sikh and it was difficult to talk about these things. The perception then was that if you saw ghosts, they were coming back to haunt or curse you, it was all very religious. In the end I just didn’t say anything and I blocked a lot of that out.”
What Sonita did not understand then was that it was the beginning of her ‘gifts’ coming through. It started at the tender age of five.
With the past receded into the background, Sonita went on to study to become a successful primary teacher vying for the role of an assistant principal. “I had already started applying to be in those positions. I had worked for eastern region doing projects for the Australian government.”
But tragedy struck her family. Sonita lost her father very suddenly pushing her into an emotional tailspin. “We didn’t have time to say goodbye properly.” She had turned 30 and it was during this time that she felt the need to figure out what happened to her father. She automatically went into masses of research, read up every single thing on life after death, on people who communicate with people who have passed and so on. From there, her new calling just naturally started to evolve.
Today she is an intuitive reader and a life coach guiding people on their single journey into the mind, body and soul to release, rejuvenate and empower themselves. She built her clientele through word of mouth and became the face of Australian television appearing in The Circle Channel 10. News Channel 7, Weekend Sunrise Channel 7 and Kerri Anne Channel 9.
Today she sees an average of 10 clients a week and has left her teaching profession to dedicate herself wholly to connecting and healing people.

Finding Her Medium
It was Sonita’s curiosity to find out more about her father after his death that took her to psychic festivals and people but none could connect her to him in a proper way. One day she stumbled upon a shop in Ferntree Gully which was running an Angel’s course. She enrolled thinking it would be fun and something different but she saw her gifts unfold through it. While the whole thing scared her, she just kept learning.
Next she came across a medium who worked a lot with Native American energy. “I started doing a lot of energetic work and exploring the energy which involved moving energy and helping and healing people. I liked that so I studied with him and he mentored me.”
Her first client was a woman who saw her photo and asked if she could do a reading. Sonita explained she was not a clairvoyant or a psychic but based on the client’s insistence she went over to see her. What happened baffled her own self, admits Sonita. “I went in there, sat down and the next thing I knew all these information just start coming out. I started telling her things. I thought I was so off and so wrong and that it was all going to be inaccurate. Turns out everything that I said to her were true.” She walked out feeling a bit uncomfortable.
With her next client, Sonita got out cards. But when she laid out the cards, she looked at them and found she couldn’t read them. “I am sitting there and looking at the client and looking down at the cards. Then I heard a voice in my head say ‘pick up the crystal and just start talking’. I fought that and said no I am not doing that but the voice kept saying ‘pick up the crystal’. So I did, her dead grandmother came through. She passed away a week ago. And that’s when it all started. From there my reputation started to grow and people just started to come and see me. I also became a lot more comfortable.”
Sonita says she didn’t fit into the proper mould of what they call a psychic. So she started to work on what she wanted her energy to be. Her first step was moving out of the shop in Ferntree Gully and establishing her base at home. At the same time she started working with a lot of different psychics.
Gradually the internalisation that followed led her to believe that she was not different from other people. “It’s just using a part of your brain. It’s like I have this internal GPS system like others but mine is highly tuned so that I can radio wave to different places and get information. And I just tried to make it as normal as possible. So for me this is very normal but it took me a good four years to get to be normal and be accepted for what it was and to feel comfortable with it too.”
At the start she wondered where her academic side fitted in and needed her work to have some kind of relevance to life. “So I started to frame it around the fact that this is intuition, which is another word for intelligence that exists in all of us. Just that mine is highly tuned like a beautiful musician who plays the piano amazingly. I can’t do the same; they are gifted in that area. This is my gift and how I choose to use it is to be able to connect with people.”
It’s been over seven years now that Sonita has developed her psychic powers to assume the role of a life coach. However she has since started to replace the word psychic with intuition. “That made it easier for people to see that this is intuitive intelligence,” she says, adding, “Everybody has psychic abilities and everybody can develop them. And that means they can do what I can do but maybe not to the level that I can do. But everybody can do that, I have done massive workshops where I have trained people who thought they had nothing and a lot of them are now working as readers.”

Intuitive Coach
Sonita does readings for clients and her session last 45 minutes wherein she helps people connect with their loved ones who have passed away. Her vision, she states, is to empower people.
“I don’t use card, I am only intuitive, I just start talking. Everything that I do is based on energy that I feel, it’s a feeling, a sense of knowing, it goes from there and then I use my structures like what am I hearing – a phrase or a word or what image am I seeing in my head or am I seeing a picture come through, or there is just something I will know. It always starts with profiling her client when they step in. So whatever comes in is my first impressions. I write down and then we go from there. I have had to start writing things down because I was forgetting things as it was coming too quickly. That way I can remember I have to go back and talk about all those things,” she explains.
When she connects with people, she clarifies she is not seeing them standing somewhere. But she sees them in her head and starts feeling them energetically. “You have two minds –your human mind and your intuitive mind. And I have to walk carefully between the two of them because I have to gather the information intuitively but I have to work the information so that it would make sense on a human level. So you can take that and that is going to mean something to you, it’s going to do something positive. Everything that I do has a big purpose in helping people define their lives and push them forward that way.”
Sonita claims she is fortunate to have been granted the permission of accessing people no sooner have they passed. “I can access people straightaway but not everybody can. However I choose not to purely because people need time to grieve to go through the processes.”
With life coaching, she helps people push past their blockages and uses intuitive coaching as a way of powering through their own emotions or their own issues. “I don’t leave people feeling confused in any session. We work really hard developing the person’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects and we try to bundle it all together in the session.”
Over the years psychologists and psychiatrists have come to work with her as a different alternative that allows them avenues to look at different approaches when they run their therapy sessions. Some of the comments that have come from these professionals are the fact that Sonita gets to the bottom in one session where it would take them three.
“The life coaching is really important in the actual psychic sessions too. They need to be anchored in the real world. Some people who run psychic sessions can make it really airy-fairy and that it’s all moon beam sunshine but life is not like that,” she cautions, adding, “Life is hard, you will fall down, and you will have get back up again.”
On an average, Sonita sees 10 clients a week. “If I do any more than 10 I am wiped out, I try and push about four clients a day but that is a lot. When I am in session I go on and then I let my energy come down. I have 15 mins in between each client to rejig my energy. As soon as you leave I am back up again, I don’t carry the emotion because you have to be cleansed and clear about your energy.” She works with anybody from 18 years to 70 years of age.

Reconnecting With Her Father
It has been 12 years since her father breathed his last. And though it was the death of her father that made Sonita adopt her present calling, she says she has not yet connected with him. “I communicate with him but it is a different relationship from when I do it for a client. It’s too emotional, I want to be his daughter. I don’t want to be the psychic connecting to him. And I am still waiting for the person to connect me to him.”
In the meantime she says she can smell him and feel his presence energetically. Interestingly, she says it is her son who connects with him. Sonita recalls stressing about an issue one day when her son turned around and told her, “Mom you just have to let it go and move on.” When she asked him who told him that he replied, “Grandpa.” She recognises the importance of the connection as it gives her not only power but also allows her to have clear idea of what her purpose is too.

Answer to Skeptics
Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad psychics that have given a good reason for people to become skeptics, says Sonita. Interestingly, she stresses that one has to go to a psychic with an element of scepticism. “They have to prove to you that they know what they are doing or are good at what they do. Having scepticism is good but when you turn yourself completely off from it, you are actually shutting down a huge part of your life that isn’t about whether that person is really accurate or not.”
What is important is how you use the information in your everyday life, she says. “Your intuition is more important than anything else. Believe in you, don’t believe too much in anyone else,” is her advice.
“People who are skeptics are afraid of what is beyond but also their brain operates in a different way. They are logical, they are rational, and it’s also about a certain amount of control on their lives as well. And that’s not a bad thing either. I think skepticsm is healthy, but too much of it is when it gets in your way as you are stopping yourself from accessing your tool and another support mechanism for you to reach the happiness and what you want to achieve in life as well.”
In her practice, Sonita does encounter skeptics who come in and sit with folded arms. “I treat them as any other client and I deliver what I deliver. They can discount what I am saying as a load of rubbish, most of the time they don’t. They start crying – that’s always a good sign,” she laughs.

The Road Ahead
Of late, Sonita is also dabbling in writing. Her first feature film that she co-wrote with a friend is called Limbo and won four awards for international screen writing awards at script stage. Her other short story, Butterfly Kisses, in which a little girl loses her father has been made into a short film. She has also completed her first solo script, a supernatural thriller based on true events. She is in the process of writing another film called Chai Latte which is about growing up Indian in Australia and basing it on the experiences of being Indian with a slant of comedy.
“My kids allow me to intuitively connect me to this creative pool. And when I am writing I can hear people in my head so it is a really interesting process. When I develop a character I actually birth the character, it’s like what happens when I read people,” she says. But she wants to deal with social issues and see that as a form of empowerment. For instance, she is passionate about children and the next generation and supporting them to become the best they can. “So a lot of what I do is also to educate parents on how to do that as well.”
She admits she knows intuitively if something is not going to work. That makes her work harder on how to make it work. “But sometimes like anybody I have to learn the hard way too. It’s very difficult when you are able to say this is going to do well because I have to stop living in the future and start living in the present. The trap for a lot of people is they live so much in the future that they forget the present is the creation time where they have to create those opportunities. So not everything goes to plan and not everything that I think will happen happens.”
But her dedication is giving people solace and comfort and empowering them to move on. A single mother with three children, she always recalls the moment her father passed away and her need to connect with him again. So every time she does a medium session, she remembers how she felt, and wants to give that to people – help connect them with their loved ones.