World clean-up day observed at Clayton

Melbourne: Shashi Kochhar, founder of the not-for-profit organisation Friends of the Children Foundation spearheaded a group of volunteers from the Monash Youth Group to take part in the ‘Clean up the world Day’ observed on September 19.
“This became our best clean-up day in many years of this activity because of the Monash Youth Group involvement,” said Kochhar.
Altogether 12 volunteers met outside Clayton Railway Station on Carinish Road. After a brief discussion on health and safety issues, the group started cleaning 10.15 am and finished at 2.00pm. “We collected 12 bags of general and recyclable rubbish along with few big items which we piled up in front of RSL club car park.”
In his interaction with the pubalic, Kochhar said the feedback he got was that the people feel they don’t belong to or care about the issue, that they are too lazy, that if a bin is not near buy they just throw the rubbish anywhere and wonder if it is going to make any difference.
“This forced us to think and believe that there is something drastically wrong in our system due to which we are in this kind of situation. We thought and decided that education has to start from home and also at very early childhood stage.”
He said leaders have to come more often in public and give the message of ‘belong to Australia’. “They don’t have to highlight and tell people about their rights but have to show them what their responsibilities are in the community as a citizen of this country too.”
At the end of the day’s activity, the group decided to do more clean-up operations and try to get the message across in the wider community maintain it for the sake of the future generation. “We should aim to hand over this country to our coming generations in a better shape and condition than we inherited it.”