Making a difference to men’s lives in St Albans


A new men’s shed in St Albans will support men with a disability, the elderly and hard to reach groups in the local area.

Minister for Families and Children Jenny Mikakos on Nov 29 opened the new facility that will be managed by the Brimbank City Council with support from the Westvale Community Centre’s community led advisory group.

The Andrews Labor Government contributed more than $42,000 to the project, providing a space for local men to gather which also promotes cultural and social interaction between community and cultural groups, an official press release said on Nov 29.

Construction began in 2015 after extensive community consultation, and the new facility was completed earlier this month.

Men’s sheds are one of Australia’s largest male based community development organisations and improve the health and wellbeing of participants by fostering social ties and relationships.

Earlier this year, the Government announced a further $1.26 million for grants of up to $60,000 to construct new sheds, and grants of up to $30,000 for the refurbishment of existing sheds.

There were 32 successful grant recipients, with priority given to projects with partnerships and support from community groups and communities affected by drought, fire or flood.

Each project has been undertaken with extensive consultation, with a plan to grow local involvement from residents, address issues of social isolation and build strong partnerships with other organisations.

There are more than 340 men’s sheds across Victoria.

Minister for Families and Children Jenny Mikakos said, “Men’s sheds are extremely valuable for community-building work, as well as helping with men’s mental and physical health and well-being.” (TIW)