Iftar dinner with theme on women and leadership


Melbourne: More than two hundred and eighty people from across the state attended an Iftar dinner hosted by Victoria police on the occasion of Ramadan.

The Victoria Police hosted its 12th Chief Commissioner’s Iftar dinner on Tuesday (June 14) night to commemorate Ramadan together with representatives and leaders from Victoria’s Muslim and faith communities.

Those attended also included more than 100 women of Muslim faith, 80 police officers and employees, and Muslim and faith communities from across the state, an official press release said.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said he was proud to host his second Iftar Dinner in which the theme was women and leadership.

“I’m sure we have all seen debates in the media about the place of women in the Islamic faith but how many of us though, have actually taken the time to speak to our Muslim neighbours to learn about true experiences and lives of Muslim women in Melbourne?”

“Sharing a meal and breaking fast through the Victoria Police Iftar helps show respect to the Islamic community and increases our understanding of our faith communities,” he said.

The dinner provided Victoria Police members an opportunity to extend their own understanding of the Muslim faith and create networks amongst the community.

The evening included a panel of key Muslim female leaders from diverse backgrounds including Victoria’s first female Muslim Magistrate, author and celebrity chef Ms Mariam Issa, community worker Ms Alma Muranovic and Australian African community leader Ms Hiba Shanino.

CCP Ashton said Victoria Police was proud of its long history working in partnership with faith leaders and communities.

“We value all faith communities across the state and want all Victorians to feel safe in the community and in pursuing their faiths beliefs and interests.” (TIW)