Gujarati comedy captivates audience


Melbourne: The Kel Watson Theatre was booming with laughter as Sanjay Goradia and his team of actors performed their Gujarati comedy ‘Aa Namo Bahu Nade Chhey’.

Brought to Melbourne by an upcoming family entertainment company called Global Indian Entertainment, the play was a huge success. About 400 viewers from across Melbourne walked through Kel Watson’s doors to witness an enchanting and hilarious performance on Januray 31. The play’s witty and sharp lines captivated the audience, which made the show one of the best in the Gujarati community of Melbourne.

Aa Namo Bau Nade Chhe was the first event presented by Global Indian Entertainment and was a huge success. Goradia and his team of talented stars delivered their best. “We enjoyed hosting them in Melbourne and look forward to bringing them back in front of you in the future along with our partnership with Chirag Parikh and Star Alliance Australia,” said Sanjay Vasaiwalla of Global Indian Entertainment.