Grand Janmashtami celebrations

Melbourne: More than 1000 devotees took part in the day long Janmashtami celebrations conducted by the Sankat Mochan Samiti. Pandit Rajesh Tiwari conducted the Pransthapana puja of the idols of Shri Radha Ji and Krishnai Murtis with the melodious background recitation of Vishnu Saharanama by Vishnu Sahasrnama Group devotees. This group regularly recites Vishnu Sahasranama every Monday evenings and on every First Sunday of the month from 4.30 PM to 6.00 PM at the Sankat Mochan Temple.
The highlight of the day was the Bal Lila program comprising dances, dance drama, songs and a speech by young participants. The audience also enjoyed the dance performance by “JUST BEAT” group and every one relished the food supplied by “Sreenathji Ki Rasoi”.
The dias for the murtis was beautifully built by Himanshu Bhai, Amit Chopra, Amit Kumar and Yogesh. The temple look on the dias and the entire decoration was done by none other than Kamini. This entire successful project was completed by the dedicated volunteers who are the pillars of strength of Sankat Mochan Samiti.
The afternoon and evening was filled with the melodious Bhajans, Kirtan and satsang by devotees. At midnight after preliminary Puja, devoties rejoiced the birth of Lord Krishna for the first time in the presence of Shri Radha Krishna Murtis.