Bollywood Gala Night to raise funds for women empowerment

Melbourne: More than 150 guests attended a Bollywood Gala Night held to launch The Footsteps Foundation at Rydges at Swanston. Live performances by singer Arminder Singh Sandhu, and dance groups Sippie & Honey, Jhoom Bollywood Dance Group made the night even more spectacular.
“Footsteps Foundation aims to empower women and the girl child to break free from barriers such as gender discrimination, rape, poverty, honour killings, child marriage, acid attacks, malnourishment, illness etc,” said Ravneet Mundi, its founder and director.
The organisation will start its operations from the funds raised from this event. “We will be renting out two rooms in India, one for girl child education, and the other for skill development and training for their mothers. Along with this, we will also raise awareness campaigns and events to build conversation and inspire change. We believe that change begins at grass root level, hence educating the girl child and getting parents invested in her education is crucial. Education can not only break poverty cycles within one generation, but also makes them less vulnerable to rape and abuse. Providing mothers with the right skills and training, empowers them to break free from her barriers. Most of the time women silently suffer their plight in fear of having nowhere to go, and living a further depleted life. However, when women have skills and unite, they become a force to be reckoned with,” said Mundi.
“We also want to challenge peoples idea of gender roles, breaking patriarchal systems by starting exposure and access workshops in the slum. The Footsteps Foundation aims to behave as bridge to connect people to relief and assistance by spreading awareness on grass root level of these policies and schemes, and becoming a channel of access.”