Artist Prabhakar showcases 50 emiment Australian personalities on canvas

Melbourne: Bringing to live 50 eminent Australian personalities through his single canvas of 50-metre length and 1.5-metre wide canvas, artist Pradeep Prabhakar (Sedunath Prabhakar) showcased this unique piece of artwork at the the Glen Eira town hall, Caulfield on Saturday, September 26.
Prabhakar, hails from Kerala, the state known as ‘the emerald coast’ of India, where the seeds of his artistic sensibility were sowed. He has been painting since he could distinguish the different colours. As a river finds its flow, the visual feast unfolded in front of him drew him to the world of colours very early in his childhood.
A largely self-taught painter, Prabhakar studied drawing and painting around 20 years ago. He began his career as an artist painting landscapes mainly using the medium of water colour. Later he turned mainly to the medium of oil colour. The education and training in the prestigious Baroda School of Arts broadened his vision and horizon into more complex aspects of human life and society. The relationship between the nature and human beings began to be an important and recurring theme in his works. Through his paintings he also attempts to explore the nuances involving religion and its interplay with society. Like all true artists he used to draw inspiration from tradition especially its parallel streams. As he found that it would be difficult to stick on to be a fulltime artist in Kerala, he moved to Melbourne.
In Australia, he has participated in four group exhibitions – conducted by Dandenong Art community, Noble park art council, Collingwood art gallery and Chelsea art gallery.
Moving forward, he wants to explore the possibilities of a fusion of this country’s rich artistic tradition with my own view to integrate with traditional Australian colours, paintings and art forms.