Yogis embrace Surya Yajna at Dandedong Mountain ranges


Melbourne: Yoga enthusiasts recently got together to perform 108 Surya Yajna in the Dandedong Mountain ranges.

The event on Feb 26 was organised by Rajendra Yenkannamoole, founder of Vasudeva Kriya Yoga.

yoga2The Annual Surya Yajna in the serene Dandenong Ranges was a roaring success, said Rajendra. “We had more participation than all other previous events. Under perfect weather conditions, the event started exactly at 5:30am. Since the sky was clear we had the opportunity to see millions of the stars in all their glory as we awaited the rise of single most important star, the sun.

“As we began the Surya Yajna, we collectively invoked the Grace of the Lord in the Sun we all experienced the bliss and joy. It was divine experience to witness the glorious Sun Rise as we concluded the 151 rounds of Surya Namaskara,” he said.

yogaAt the end of the yoga, one of the participants said, “108  Surya Yagna and more in the Dandenong Mountain ranges, could we do it often in the minds of most of us? Well when the master is inspiring then everyone gets inspired. This, I am certain is everyone’s experience who were there.”

Many others said the beautiful day with the clear blue sky made the occasion perfect to offer gratitude to the sun.

Vasudeva Kriya Yoga started 13 years ago in Melbourne with a mission to enable holistic health and well being for all through Yoga. In our classes we cover both the theory and practice of yoga including asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, mudras, shastras and meditation techniques. (TIW)