Share your travel memories with new HolidayIQ app

HolidayIQ, India’s largest travel community and holidays recommendation engine, has introduced new and exciting features in its app, allowing users to share the experiences of their trips on social media platforms in an instant.

“The app takes the experience to a whole new level by introducing features like video reviews, travel feed and blog entries, making it one of best travel apps in India,” the company said.

The new video reviews feature gives a new user interface (UI) and experience for generating video reviews for hotels.

With this feature, the user can also hook videos and photos from hotel and sightseeing places, making it easier for others to collect overall ratings of the place being reviewed.

The travel feed feature enables the user to “follow” friends and travellers to get updates of their reviews, badges, blog mentions and “been here” actions as cards on the feed.

One can ‘Like’ a feed item and also view others who have ‘liked’ that action on CMS-controlled home screen elements (blog, holidays, destinations, etc.) as part of the travel feed.

“The new blog writing feature allows the traveller to write about the place he or she visits,” the statement said.

HolidayIQ app helps a user compare over 50,000 hotels in India and get the best deals from 50-plus booking partners for over 2,000 destinations in India.

Apart from checking sightseeing activities in each destination based on the user’s interest, this app lets the user discover over 60,000 “Things To Do” and plan a day at the various popular destinations like malls, temples, theme parks, lakes, sanctuary, gardens, etc.

Available on Google Play store for Android users and Apple store for iPhones, the app also allows the user to download offline guides for destinations and access maps and all the destination information on the go.