Here’s how SRK inspired Karam Batth for Kaur Singh film


Mumbai: It was 2017 when news came out that superstar Shah Rukh Khan had provided Rs 5 lakh to boxing legend Kaur Singh who was struggling to pay his medical expenses, and now this noble gesture of King Khan has inspired actor Karam Batth to make a film on Kaur Singh.

“When I first got to know about Kaur Singh and his achievements (in December 2017), he was undergoing post-operation treatment in Mohali. His poor financial condition and inability to meet the medical expenses came as a shock for me. The pitiable condition of the Arjuna awardee also moved the Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan so much so that he gave him an amount of Rs 5 lakh through his team Kolkata Knight Riders.

“After listening to the news, I was sure about my decision of choosing this story for my film. I was confident that people deserve to know about the struggles and life of this legend,” Karam said.

The film, which also features Prabh Grewal, Baninder Bunny and Sukhbir Gill, has been shot in various parts of Punjab, and expected to release in 2020.