Social media has made men less of men: John Abraham


Bollywood actor John Abraham says social media is an important tool as long as it is used smartly and not negatively by those who pose as being brave without a face.

On the sidelines of a beauty contest for visually impaired girls here, John said: “I think social media has made men less of men. They are not like they used to be. Today there are a very few of genuine people on social media.

“Otherwise, generally people have become very brave as they don’t have any face.”

Strongly condemning internet trolling, the actor-producer said: “Social media is an important tool and it has to be used smartly. But most of us don’t use that platform wisely. We do it to insult in the name of caste, religion, creed and gender.

“This is a disgrace and shame to those who troll but don’t have guts to show their face.”

These days, social media trolling doesn’t spare anyone — be it a celebrity or commoner.